No More Kisses


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Vlada Ina would like to thank:
Jan, Verena, Nadire & Marco from Toxic Tape Records for making this possible - Trapped In Cold Season for letting us use their rehearsal room - anybody who supports or supported us in any possible way

Vlada Ina:
Markus - vocals
Max – drums
Marcus – bass
Till - guitar

recorded in ilmenau , september 2015 by Jan Küller
mix and mastered by Jan Küller


released January 6, 2016

cover by Nadire Hayder
artwork by Verena Füg
pictures by this moment pictures




Toxic Tape Records Bad Hersfeld, Germany

d.i.y. record label, est. 2012

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Track Name: Just like That
so can you tell me that everything is good for you
can you tell me that every way goes straight
and that this weight of the world on your shoulders ain´t so hard to take
I don´t believe you - do you know what I´m about to do ?
I will burn away with this fire in me
there are people in need and there are dying
here are people screaming for their rights
and I´m a man of hope but faith is sleeping
try to find love but hate is easy

there are people dying - just like that
dare to criticize me - just like that
for what i´m abozut to say - just like that
I hate this world - just like that

and I doubt that you don´t even feel it
this times are rough there is a flame inside your head and it is consuming everything
These questions in my head - consuming everything
every breath that I take and every move that I make
everything will just just burn away
you can feel it too - I know you feel it to

But what I hate the most of this world in which I´m forced to live in
is that my future is bleak
and it is just like that!

Because everything which I try to surround me with
will be feed to this flame in my head
and let me tell you that one last thing
everything you touch turns to dust
Track Name: Madness
I go back and forth I am down and out
Nothing in this world seems to hold
I have barly grip I´m losing my sight
I´m searching for a place to hide

Hide those feelings hide those thoughts

I know you have the same heavy heart
In the face of time you sink to nothing
and your rage and pain and fear will end in a coffin

Try to endure this misery

try to swim in this dreary sea
This life will drag you down
Just hope you don´t have to sink alone
How should i stand this pressure of the world
I´m better off without them all
I want to stop this endless fall
Please tell my mom this is not her fault
so I take it into my own hands or I stick around until madness finds me
so I take it into my own hands or I find madness waiting for me

madness is waiting for me

Abandon all hope when you enter my world
and spare me with your pretty talk
I feel like nothing in this world will suit me
so I knock my head againt the wall
to find some peace

madness is waiting for me
Track Name: Devil's Eyes
Life won´t change for me
I feel the devils eyes hunger for me
A black hole is draggin´ me down
I can´t stop drowning

Another alleyway
which is heading to no-way
I can´t stop drowning
my heavy heart is pounding low

World weariness
This heaviness
I never lose this pain
I never change

No time for time I follow down the line
I can´t tell the difference between day and night
Sucked dry by a world that choosed to die
I can´t conquer the world without my devils eyes
insomnia keeps its grip on me
I don´t feel like this world needs me to be
I can´t conquer the world without my devils eyes
I give my best but I feel so weak
slumbering death is awaiting me
And this black hole is draggin me down to my devils eyes
Track Name: No More Kisses
left alone once and for all
sitting at home everything is gettin cold
you where the light which kept away the darkness
and now I feel nothing I am heartless

No more kisses for me
I rather be alone for the rest of my life
what´s the point of loving
when you get nothing in return

I am empty life is worthless
no chance for me or a life of purpose
razor on my wrist I won´t feel fear
I´m already out of tears

No more kisses for me
I rather be alone for the rest of my life
what´s the point of loving
when you get nothing in return
I would jump off a cliff just to fall in love
I don´t care what the impact might cost
just a second of true devotion
could melt my cold cold heart

you are moving like a feather up and down
I am like an anchor rotting on the ground
the reaper reaches out it´s now or never
finally I feel colder than ever colder than ever
Track Name: Step Beyond
dull eyes - rough days
this worldweariness won´t show your grace
you keep fighting - you keep biting
but at the end you only feel regret

is this what you want to live for
a world in pain where there is nothing left to give
and i see another colour running pale
can it get any colder than this

step beyond - humankind
step beyond world of hate this
world of hate and you still asking
can you give me the answers of my questions
can you give me the peace in my mind
can you give me a solidity
when there is nothing left to give

and you still worry when will I break
and you still worry when will it end

step beyond humankind
step beyond this world of hate
search for peace inside yourself
you might find the power to keep on